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Gardening in Raised Beds

raisedbed2As gardeners we love to be outside in the garden either planting, digging, pruning or doing one of the many other jobs that always need doing.

However, I also think that what we would all agree is that it can be back-breaking!

One of the best ways to reduce wear and tear on your back is to plant in containers or to install a series of Raised Beds. Indeed if you like to grow vegetables or have an allotment then growing in Raised Beds is often the best way to succeed.

The advantages of Raised Beds:

  • able to grow in otherwise unsuitable soil or locations
  • improved drainage and soil structure
  • extra height of soil increases rooting depth
  • cloches, tunnels or frames can easily be erected over the beds
  • no need to walk on the soil
  • you can work at a comfortable height
  • especially handy for wheelchair users and those with back problems
  • soil compaction is greatly reduced if not eliminated
  • close planting creates a micro-climate which leads to healthy plants and bigger crops.

If you are good at DIY then you should be able to build your own Raised Beds as they did on Gardeners World (click here to see how to build your own).

However, these days there are quite a number of easy to assemble, low maintenance plastic Link-a-Bord kits available on the market which make starting your Raised Bed Garden so much more quick and easy. Harrod Horticulture has a number of different Raised Bed Kits available as well as a wide range of accessories such as Hoops, Covers, Liners and Irrigation Kits so take a look now to find your ideal solution:

Standard Timber Raised Beds Superior Timber Raised Beds Allotments Timber Raised Beds Corner Timber Raised Beds Manger Raised Planter Timer Raised Bed Tables

Standard Timber Raised Beds

Superior Timber Raised Bed Kits

Allotment Timber Raised Beds Corner Timber Raised Beds Manger Raised Planter Timber Raised Bed Tables

To complete your new garden you will need top soil:

Rolawn Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil is a fertile, organic rich, friable topsoil derived from prime arable land and a consistent organic matter, which ensures consistent results.  A bulk bag is exceptional value containing up to 50% more product than 1 tonne of ordinary topsoil  covering up to 20m² at a depth of 50mm. Also, there is currently a  multi-buy discount on orders of 2 bags or more.

So whether you’re completely new to raised bed gardening, or you’re experienced in this simple, easy and highly effective way of growing, there’ll be something for you here…