Gardening Shoes – Boring?

So …. it has just started to rain and you realise you’ve left the cushions out on the garden chairs, you rush out across the lawn then you remember you’re still wearing your slippers!

When you’ve done this several time you will begin to leave a pair of shoes by the back door to change into, but to be practical they need to be waterproof and easy to slip into when you’re in a hurry, which means buying gardening shoes or clogs.

The problem is that gardening shoes can be boring, so I took to the internet to find some which fulfil the brief of being easy to slip on, will keep my feet dry and, most importantly, are also pretty. Here’s what I found:

Cotswold Backdoor Ladies Gardening ShoeThe first is the most practical; Cotswold Backdoor Ladies Gardening Shoe. Practical they may be but they are very, very pretty.

When I first unpacked these I was surprised how heavy they felt but once on my feet they felt secure and they fit well. The heavy feeling comes from the sole which is rubber, with a thick non-slip tread. The upper of the shoe, as well as the lining, are neoprene meaning they are easy to slip on and keep your feet warm. I wore them through an hour long, heavy downpour and my feet remained totally dry.

They are available in sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 6 1/2, 7 and in three colours/designs: Berry, Leaf, Rose.

At £40 they may seem expensive for use in the garden but I can see that they will last for many years and look good too.

I would suggest buying a size larger than your usual size to allow for a pair of thick socks during the winter months.

My next two choices are not strictly gardening shoes but you will have to admit they’re pretty.

Sole Diva Crossover MuleMy second pair is the Crossover Mule from Sole Diva.

There is no way they are suitable for heavy gardening and I would not attempt to dig over a border, but the thick, chunky sole means that your feet don’t get wet walking on a damp lawn.

I use these each evening when I go out to water my new plants.

They fulfil the brief of being easy to slip on, they are very comfortable and are extremely pretty with their diamante encrusted upper.

Available in black or nude, fittings E or EEE and sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

At £18 I think they are excellent value.

Joe Browns Jewel Detail Mules

The last pair I chose are an indulgence really, they are Joe Brown’s Jewel Detail Mules. They stand out from the crowd with their multicoloured, on-trend, pom-poms and trims and bring some cool glamour to those hot summer days, and evenings, in your garden.

They have a thin flat sole and are easy to slip on and look great whatever you’re doing. I have worn them a couple of times during the warmer evenings but please don’t try to do any “proper” gardening in these as you are likely to ruin them!

They are a wide E Fit in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and cost £28.

I love each of my choices equally, for different reasons, I will continue to wear them throughout the year according to the weather.

They are all available from JD Williams and you can find out more about them by clicking the images above.

Please note that I was given a pair of each of these shoes to test in my own garden and the opinions in this post are based on my own experiences over a couple of weeks use. All prices were correct at time of posting