GR are Winners at the Allotment Flower and Veg Show

Last year we entered the Flower and Vegetable Show at our allotments we won a couple of first prizes due to the fact we were novices and that there were no other entries! This year we were in with the big guys!

Despite a pretty poor harvest this year we managed two first prizes and a second.

1st prize for our Carrots F1 Maestro sown in our large container in the greenhouse and thinned quite thinnly but next year will thin even more to increase the size.
!st prize in the Ashfield in Bloom Photography class. Taken low down to see the most of the flower heads, they sky and the flats in the distance. Click to see original photo.
2nd prize for “Three Herbs in Water”. We selected Angelica, Fennel and Veriagated Applemint,