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Grow Your Own Superfoods

At this time of year most people are looking forward to getting out into the sunshine, taking walks in the countryside, eating fresh, healthy food and generally keeping fit and healthy.

To help you reach your goals try adding superfood to your diet.

A superfood is a food that’s especially rich in healthy nutrients that boost the immune system, protect against disease, keep you looking and feeling young and generally make you feel on top of the world!

Wayfair has put together the ultimate superfood growing guide which includes information about how to grow 20 different types of superfood, how difficult it is to grow each one, what the colour of superfoods mean in terms of health benefits and some tips about growing superfoods in urban areas where garden space may be limited.

To successfully grow any plant, either in your garden, your greenhouse or on your windowsill, you need to keep on top of pests. To help you, Speedy Pest Control have put together a convenient guide to safely – and humanely – deal with those seasonal pests which seem hell bent on spoiling your very best efforts in the garden.

Take a look below or download and print the Grow Your Own Superfoods guide!

Grow Your Own Superfoods

Grow Your Own Superfoods?