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Growing Onions and Garlic

Vegetable Patio PlantersToday I have finally planted out my Onions and Garlic. I have never grown onions or garlic before so it is a bit of an experiment for me. I will have to watch out for frost over the next few weeks but as long as I protect them they should be ok.

The varieties I have chosen are Onion Red Baron and Garlic Fokyhama. The onion is a red onion which is supposed to have superb flavour and good for culinary use. The garlic has a pungent flavour and stores well.

My garden is not very large and is north facing so areas for growing vegetables are few. So I decided to grow the onions and garlic in containers, planting some now and I’m going to plant more in another few weeks. This will hopefully give me a good supply of both vegetables through to Autumn.

I am pleased that I have found some great containers for my vegetables this year. It is a set of three Patio Planters of different sizes (click the image for more information). The biggest planter is 45cm (18in) high and 35cm (14in) wide, the middle one is 30cm (12in) high and 40cm (16in) wide and the smallest is 25cm(10in) high and 45cm (18in) wide. The packaging tells you what vegetables to grow in which container but I have chosen to grow my onions and garlic in the small one as I don’t want too big a crop. I will use the large one for lettuce, rocket etc. and the medium one for some herbs. I think they are a great idea.

I will let you know how they get on over the coming weeks and months.