Hosted Selected Article Request

Option 6 – A Hosted Selected Article – Cost: £60 one-off charge

We are happy to host unique articles, please note the following before considering this option:

  • The article must be unique to me and not published on any other website
  • The article must be gardening or outdoor living related
  • The article must be well written and must contains at least 500 words
  • The article should include some images which you must have permission to publish
  • The article can contain 2-3 links to your website, these links must not be forwarded to other domains
  • The Gardening Register has final approval of the content and can request changes if they feel it appropriate

The cost for a Hosted Article is a one-off payment of £60 and it can be linked to a Selected Link on our home page at an additional cost of £50 per year

If you wish us to add an Article for you please email and include the following information:

  • Subject Line: Hosted Selected Article
  • Your Name
  • Your Company’s Name
  • Your Website Address
  • The article text
  • The link details including target URL and tag line
  • Any images you wish to be used