How do you grow your own cut flowers?

chrysanthemumBuying cut flowers on a regular basis can be quite costly, so why not try growing your own in the garden?

They can be grown in their own cutting bed or mixed into a border to add to the display; either way you could raise enough flowers to have a constant supply of fresh blooms for your home.

To get the best quality flowers it is best to grow them in a sunny spot on well drained, fertile soil. Most will need to be supported to avoid damage and it is also wise to provide shelter from strong winds.

What typs of flowers can I grow?

  • Half hardy annuals
    • The are the easiest to grow as the seed are sown directly into the soil where you want them flower
    • Sow between March and May, staggering the sowings to get a succession of flowers over the summer
    • Once all the flowers have been cut and no more buds form, lift the entire plant and put on the compost heap
    • Repeat the process next spring
    • Some examples are:
      • tobacco plants (nicotiana)
      • zinnia
      • snapdragons
      • cosmos
  • Biennials
    • Sow seed between May and July to flower the following year
    • Sow where they are to flower or in seed trays
    • As with the annuals, discard after flowering is over
    • Keep sowing each May to get more flowers each year
    • Some examples are:
      • erysimum (wallflowers)
      • sweet william
      • dianthus
  • Perennial
    • These will flower year after year so are a good investment
    • Plant rooted cuttings in spring or pot-grown specimens at any time
    • Perennials will die down for winter and most will be OK outside, however dahlias will need a good layer of mulch over them to help them through
    • Some examples are:
      • dahlia
      • chrysanthemum
      • alchemilla mollis
  • Bulbs
    • Plant spring flowering bulbs at the end of summer or early autumn
    • Once the flowers have been cut and no more buds appear leave the foliage on the plant to die down naturally, this provides the bulb with food for the following year
    • Some examples are:
      • daffodils
      • tulips
      • allium

Most plants will benefit from being picked regularly as it will encourage more buds to form and extend your cutting season.


Keep all plants well watered throughout the growing season a feed every couple of weeks.