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How to Choose a Garden Shed

10x 6 Reverse Overlap Apex Shed2Need a garden shed? There are lots of things to consider before you make your choice. Check the following points to make sure you’ve got it all covered.

What size

Size is important. You need to consider the amount of space you’ve got to accommodate it, as well as what it will be used for. Is it for a garden? Do you want somewhere to store a lawnmower and other equipment? Maybe it will be for an allotment. Consider all the options carefully to ensure you get the right size.

Which style

Pent roof sheds are often cheaper and better if you want to work in them, such as on a workbench for instance. The roof is in a single piece and therefore one length is higher than the other. An apex shed has a roof in two sections, each half rising to meet at a ridge in the middle. They don’t have as much headroom but they are stronger thanks to that ridge.

8x6 Emerald Metal ShedWhat type

Nowadays garden sheds are constructed from either wood, plastic or metal. Wooden sheds will need treating but they offer a beautiful natural look and you get to choose what colour you want them to be as a result. Metal and plastic do not require such treatment; most metal sheds provided by places such as have an anti-rust guarantee for a period of time. Plastic garden sheds are light and easy to put together and move if need be. They don’t require treatment or maintenance either other than a quick clean.

Positioning your garden shed

Choose an open space where no overhanging branches are present. A nice sunny spot will help prevent damp, and limit condensation in metal sheds too. Make sure you allow room for the base first, which should be slightly larger than the shed itself. Account for windows as well – make sure they open out onto the garden rather than a fence or wall!


Always follow the instructions. Lay whatever base you are using first and ensure the shed is properly constructed and attached to the base. This could mean using anchors for a metal shed or bearers for a wooden shed. Finally, don’t forget to make a path that leads to the shed. It will make it easier to reach and simpler to keep tidy as your boots will be dry when you reach it.

10x8 Plastic ShedLooking after your new shed

Maintenance is extremely important. If you’ve chosen a wooden shed, take the time to treat it annually with a wood preservative designed for the outdoors. Make sure the roof stays free of leaves and other items too, as they can increase the chance of damp. metal sheds can be prone to condensation, which can be limited by adding thin sheets of polystyrene to the inside of the roof. If the shed has been well positioned to give it some sun whenever possible, condensation should be limited. If you’ve chosen a plastic shed, all you need to do is clean it with soapy water every now and then.