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How to Get the Perfect Balance of Practicality and Kerb Appeal for Your Garden

hit-and-miss-panel-90cmWhy do some people stress out how their front garden looks, but let their back garden grow wild? If you’re selling your property, one is as important as the other. And although a certain degree of kerb appeal is required to achieve the true value of your property, your garden landscaping doesn’t have to be the exact replica of your next-door neighbour’s. Be creative and incorporate a variety of things you love.

There’s no better landscape designer than Mother Nature herself. Overall, landscape architecture offers the perfect backdrop, texture, and background to inspire the look of your entire home. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Boosting your kerb appeal

If there’s one special place to let your individuality shine through, it’s the key area between your front door and the street you live on. Perhaps you want a low-maintenance garden with minimal foliage and box-style hedges along a tidy brick path. Or maybe you’re a picky maven whose home is begging for a dose of the “wow” factor. But, whatever your style, it’s important to fearlessly create a front garden that perfectly illustrates ‘who you are’ while ideally showcasing the architecture of your home as well. And don’t forget the back garden either. You could score big points from the road, but if you have a shed that’s falling apart, do yourself a favour and get a new one. If you can see through to your neighbour’s unsightly back garden, conceal it from view with some fencing (Buy Fencing Direct is a good option for everything from fencing to trellis).

2. There’s more to life than just grass

Zoysia, fescue, and bluegrass are all lovely and attractive grasses. But what about the people who live in drought or flood conditions and have a difficult time making their gardens look picture-perfect? Does the front garden always have to be green? Many designers today are incorporating designer gravels, edible landscaping, and high-style pavers instead of grass. It’s more eco-friendly and promotes diversity. Maybe they’re the new green?

3. When less isn’t more

Is it best to hide your favourite things in the back garden rather than proudly displaying them out in front for the world to see? With just a bit of good spatial planning, homeowners can smugly show off their classy bird feeders, homemade sculptures, and even their unusual outdoor furniture in the front if they choose to. Uniqueness is in.

4. Garden paths and landscape design go hand-in-hand

How do you intend to guide your visitor’s to your front door? Whether you choose to implement stepping stones, a natural foliage trail with fresh blooms, or a stamped concrete driveway, as long as it says ‘welcome’; it’s home. Quite often, garden paths are usually the focal point of any front garden landscape design. However, that doesn’t mean they always have to be in a straight line that leads directly to the front door. Wouldn’t it be more interesting to pass through a charming arbor, decorative patio, or mystical courtyard along the way?

Ideally, each element in your garden should reflect and harmonize with the overall architecture of your home. Keeping that in mind, you can add virtually whatever you like as long as all the pieces “fit” together to create one beautiful picture. Basically, that’s what kerb appeal is all about. Remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.