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How to Grow Garlic

Choose an open, sunny site with good, free draining soil. Dig over the soil in early winter and incorporate organic matter. Firm before planting and add a general fertiliser. Keep the ground weed-free and water only in very hot weather. Feed occasionally. Break off any flower stems as they appear but there should be very few.

Break up the bulbs into individual cloves and plant just below the surface of the soil about 6ins (15cms) apart during late autumn or early winter although some varieties can be planted in Spring.

If you are troubled by birds, cover the garlic with horticultural fleece to stop them pulling up the cloves.

Harvest once the foliage has turned yellow and topples over carefully lifting them with a fork or hand fork. Lay out the bulbs to dry in an airy place and once dry store in ventilated containers until needed.

Garlic Troubles






Orange spots and blotches on surface of leaves.

None. Lift and burn affected plants

Don’t grow garlic on affected ground for three years.

White Rot (Mouldy Nose)

Foliage turns yellow and wilts. Fluffy white mould on base of bulbs and round black bodies appear in the fungus.

None. Lift and burn affected plants.

Don’t grow garlic or others from the onion family on affected ground for three years.

Top Sets

Garlic cloves form on the stalk.

Gather and use the top sets in the usual way.

This is due to changeable weather in spring so there isn’t anything to be done.