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How to Grow Peppers (Capsicum)

Sweet Peppers or Capsicum are mild-flavoured fruits used in salads and for baking, they requires similar growing conditions as tomatoes.

Plants grow about 3ft tall but will need to be repotted at several stages until ready to move the their permanent spot.

Mist to keep down red spider mite, support the stems and pick when fruits are green, swollen and glossy.

Sowing Time

Outdoor crop indoors late March or as a greenhouse crop late February

Planting Time

Outdoor crop transplanted under glass early June, greenhouse crop transplanted late April to early May


Well-drained fertile soil in sunny, sheltered position, add general-purpose fertiliser prior to planting. In the greenhouse use 9in pots or grow-bags.


18ins apart and 18ins between rows

Cutting / Lifting Time

Mid July to mid October


Keep in sealed container in the fridge for up to two weeks


Wash and dry and slice off stalk and a small ‘lid’. Remove the seeds and pith. If cooking, blanch in boiling water for 5 mins before stuffing or adding to dishes.

Sweet Peppers Troubles
Trouble Symptoms Treatment Prevention
Aphid Attack developing flower-heads Spray as soon as attacks appear None
Red Spider Mite Mottling on upper surface of leaves with tiny mites on the underside Spray as soon as attacks appear and mist leaves regularly with water None
Blossom End Rot Brown patches at bottom of fruit None Water well throughout the season