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How to Protect your Fence All Year Round

fencingAs the British summer draws to a close, residents can bask in the knowledge that it was the hottest for seven years. Now that winter is upon us, however, home-owners must turn their attention to inclement weather and how it may impact on their garden and fencing. If you are to maintain the visual appeal and security of your garden, it is important to act now and take practical steps towards treating your fence and any other wooden features. Going forward, you can even prepare your outdoor space for the summer and ensure that your garden has all year round protection.

Protecting your Wooden Fence All Year Round

With this in mind, how should you treat your fence to ensure that it has all year round protection? Consider the following: –

Support your Fence Panel with Support Post

One of the biggest issues with winter weather is excess wind, which can easily damage fence panels or in some instances even uproot them. It is therefore a good idea to support each individual fence panel with a metal or iron support post, which is inserted into a pilot hole in the ground and secured using force. This protects your fence at its foundation, and ensures that high winds or occasional storms will not uproot panels and incur the need for substantial and costly repairs.

Apply a Reputable Fence Panel Treatment

While the previous tip helps to protect the structural integrity of your fence, it is also important to ensure that each individual panel is treated with a stain or wood dye. This provides a protective coating for your fence, and ensures that it is not damaged by rain or heavy snow fall. It also helps you to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your fence, and consumers are fortunate as their only task is to choose a reputable product from the host of viable options on the market.

Apply a New Coat of Fence Paint During the Spring

Once your fence has survived the austerity of winter, it is all too easy to believe that your work has been done. It is a little known fact that UV rays from the sun can also damage fence panels, however, so it is sensible to apply an additional coat of fence paint and a course of treatment during the months of spring. Without this, there is a risk that your fence panels will become discoloured and tainted by an unappealing shade of dreary grey.

The Last Word

Following these steps should should help to protect your fence panels all year round, even during extreme weather conditions. If you do need to source replacement panelsĀ  or posts, however, you will need to identify affordable and reputable suppliers such as Buy Fencing Direct.