Hozelock Flexi Spray – Review

DSCN1498You may have seen my recent review about finding easier ways to keep my patio pots and containers watered (https://gardeningregisterblog.co.uk/index.php/hozelock-spiral-hose-set-review).  I came across a sprial hose which has turned out to be a great buy but I wanted something I could leave running for a short amount of time to help with my larger pots and containers.

Looking around Swell UK‘s website I came across a Hozelock Flexi Spray which looked like it may do the job. It is currently on sale for £24.99* (RRP £39.99*).

DSCN1497Delivery and Packaging

The spray arrived the day after I ordered it and it was well protected in several layers of bubblewrap.


There wasn’t much to prepare this product; I just removed it from the plastic and cardboard packaging and clicked it onto the end of the hose! Simple!!


The Flexi Spray consists of a gun-type handle, a long, tough shaft and the spray head.

The handle has a knob to adjust the flow of water from 100% to 50% to help save water as well as a lock to enable to spray to sit by itself and keep watering.

IMG_20140709_154419832The head end of the spray rotates to one of four different settings. The first makes the water flow like a normal tap, the second is a strong, thin blast of water which could be used for reaching areas further away or for cleaning the car or patio, the third is a soft flow of water which is ideal for watering more delicate plants. The final setting is for using the spray standing up and acts like a sprinkler, covering an area of approximately 69 square metres (according to the packaging).

DSCN1502I first of all bent the shaft into a shape which meant it would stand up by itself or resting against the pots. I found it quite hard work but once it is in the correct shape it doesn’t move but I will be able to bend it to another shape if needed.

Once shaped I set the spray to Sprinkler and placed it between the pots I wanted watering, having locked it in place I turned on the tap and my pots were happily watered while I went and had a cup of tea.


This Flexi Spray couldn’t be easier to use and it will save me quite a bit of time during hot, dry conditions.

What comes in the Pack

  • Multi Setting Flexible Spray Gun
  • Plastic holder to attach to the wall for easy storage

More Details

  • Flow control and 3 stage variable trigger
  • 4 spray patterns
  • Rose for gentle watering
  • Jet for high power cleaning
  • Fast fill for filling watering cans or buckets
  • Sprinkler for your lawn