Hozelock Garden Sprinkler – Review

Image1Like a lot of people I have a number of containers and pots on my patio which adds interest and colour throughout the Spring and Summer.

I love to use pots to grow plants which either won’t grow in my garden or would be too large if planted in the ground. I have also recently bought a few Auriculas which I display in terracotta pots; I love these little plants and they have to be kept in pots in order to appreciate them properly.

Despite my love of planting in containers they must be watered regularly to keep them healthy, and alive! During hot spells this means watering every day, if not twice a day which can become a bit of a nuisance and, indeed, impossible if you want to go away for a few days.

To make watering less of a chore I have tried several automatic watering solutions including sprinklers, leak hoses and micro systems but none have really done the job to my satisfaction. So when I was offered the chance to test out this Garden Sprinkler I jumped at the chance.

The model I chose was the Hozelock Rectangular Area Garden Sprinkler 2972 from Easy Watering where it is currently £14.99* (RRP £28.69*).

Here is how I got on.

Delivery and Packaging

The sprinkler arrived the day after I ordered it and the packaging was adequate. The sprinkler itself comes in a cardboard wrapper, see the photo above, with the instructions printed on the inside. I would say it’s wise to keep hold of the instructions for future use.


If you already have a Hozelock, or similar, fitting at the end of your hose there is nothing to prepare with this sprinkler, you just click it into the end and place it on the patio or lawn.


The first thing you need to do is check the spread of the jets as this will vary depending on your water pressure. There is a red adjuster on the top of the unit which should be set to the furtherest setting, turn on the tap and step away. You can then adjust the area covered by moving the red levers in and out until the whole area is covered.

It took a few goes but I have managed to get the spray to cover all the pots on the patio which I am extremely pleased about. Once the tap is on the unit will sweep away for as long as you wish and once the weather warms up I will attach the hose to a timer and set it to water for a few minutes each night.


So far I am impressed with this sprinkler and I am confident it will do the job I need it to do. It would be better to have a way to stop the flow without having to turn off the tap but it is not a big problem.

The instructions state that the spray holes and filters should be cleaned regularly so I will update this post once I have done this.

Key Points

  • Hozelock Rectangular Area Garden Sprinkler
  • Covers 180 square metres, 14m by 13m spread
  • Adjustable rectangular area
  • 15 jets for even coverage


* Prices correct at time of publishing