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Know Your Yucca

Yucca are popular plants, well-loved for their green fleshy leaves, easy-to-care for attributes and the way they brighten up favourite spot. They’re an excellent plant for the less green-fingered, as they can last for quite some time without water and continue to grow, even without too much sun.

There are 40 different Yucca species, some of which can be grown indoors and others prefer the outdoors. As you can see, they’re a versatile plant! There are also, even more uses of a Yucca, than you might be aware of. They include:

It’s helpful in removing toxins form the air
Yucca is a cleaning agent that can be used in some shampoos
It can be used to make rope
Yucca is good for your skin
It’s an edible plant.


In addition to its variety of uses, the Yucca is easy-to-care for and requires only a little pruning. Indeed, quite often the lower leaves will naturally die and fall from the plant unaided. If those older, dead leaves don’t fall off, but remain as a skirt around the bottom of the Yucca trunk, simply trim them away to keep your plant healthy and looking great.

To find out more about how to care for your Yucca, this in-depth guide will tell you everything you need to know!