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Our New Bug Hotel

I recently entered a competition on Facebook to win a Bug Hotel and, surprisingly, I won! I have seen this type of bug house before and always liked them so I was really pleased to have won.

Bug Hotels are designed to be used by insects as nesting sites and as somewhere safe to overwinter. Insects are both pollinators and predators so you want to attract as many as possible to your garden; siting a few Bug Hotels around is the ideal solution.

I have sited my Bug Hotel in the Ivy at the bottom of the garden, which I’m hoping will be handy for all the bugs currently living there, the cube is open at the back as well as the front so the bugs can easily climb in from both sides.

Bug Hotel is a small company based in rural Derbyshire, their mission is to create beautiful handmade homes for snug bugs. They have several designs which range in price from around £5 to £25 and as every bug hotel is handmade with recycled materials no one is ever the same as another. All designs come in a choice of nine vibrant colours an ideal way to easily, and cheaply, add colour to your garden.

Take a look at their website and find your favourite Bug Hotel.