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Flanders Poppy (Papaver Rhoeas Flanders)

FlandersPoppy300Papaver rhoeas or Flanders Poppy is the common red poppy familiar to millions as the symbol for Remembrance Day.

These bright scarlet red flowers add a bright splash of colour in areas where you may struggle to grow anything else and as they self seed in their hundreds they are extremely low maintenance.

One thing to note is that the seed can lay dormant for years until the soil is disturbed sometimes making it difficult to germinate, however, if you gently rake the surface of the soil around the area you will give them a helping hand.

They need a weed-free light soil and love hard frosts and warm spring days. Prepare the soil by lightly raking the surface and broadcast sow during autumn or in early March. If you do not get a display in the first year, rake over the area and you should get germination in the second year.

They flower in early summer and reach between 18 and 24 inches in height.

Thompson & Morgan are selling packs of 2000 seeds for just £2.69 and 10p is donated to Royal British Legion (Registered charity no. 210063).