Plant Review – 100 Spring Flowering Bulbs

My latest plant review for Spalding Plant & Blub Co. is their pack of 100 Spring Flowering Bulbs which will add colour to your garden through March, April and May.

What Do You Get?

The pack contains the following bulbs:

  • 20 x Muscari Armeniacum (Grape Hyacinths)which are blue and grow between 10 and 20 cm high
  • 10 x Narcissi Tête-à-Tête (Daffodil) which grow to 25cm
  • 20 x Mixed Alliums which are different colours and varieties and grow to between 15 and 35cm
  • 20 x Mixed Iris which are different shades of blue and can grow to 30cm
  • 20 Anemone Blanda again mixed colour to a height of 10cm
  • 10 Tulipa Darwin Hybride, mixed colours. It doesn’t state what height they grow so I assume they are full sized tulips


The bulbs arrived with other plants in a sturdy paper bag with a single label stating 100 Spring Flowering Bulbs.

Inside each type of bulb were individually packed into breathable bags with a label stating the bulb name, quantity, colour, the height of the flowers, the planting depth and the planting distance.

Most of the bulbs were in good condition and nice and firm but a couple did have the first signs of rot. As they were still firm I planted them out and we’ll see how they come through.

Planting Out 

Following Monty Don’s advice on Gardeners World last week I decided to plant all the bulbs in pots and transfer them next spring to where I want them to flower. Each different type of bulb went into one or two suitably sized pots at three times the depth of the bulb and I used a multi purpose compost.

I have placed the pots in the fruit cage at the allotment to stop the squirrels and mice getting at them.

The first part of this review was written on 16th October 2012, bookmark this page and return soon to read all about the next stage in growing these Spring Flowering Bulbs.


This is the first photograph of the bulbs taken 4th April, considering the very cold weather we have had recently they have done well.


The following photograph, taken 16th April, shows the Anemone Blanda in full bloom. Love the colour.


It is 22nd May and the rest of the Spring Flowering Bulbs have now finished and are on their way out, except for the Iris which I am still waiting to flower.

Here are the Tulips which got better when the striped ones appeared. The Muscari flowered really well for quite a long time.

I will post photos of the Iris when they are out.

tulips580 GrapeHyacinth580 tulips2580


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