Plant your Indoor Bulbs for Christmas Flowers

I’ve just been to buy my prepared hyacinths and some paper-white narcissi. Here’s what to do to get yours to produce scented flowers in time for Christmas:

  • Choose a nice pot and plant up your bulbs leaving the tops of the bulbs poking out of the compost
  • Water in  and place the pots in a cool, dark place (maximum temperature 9 degrees); an unheated shed or garage is best.
  • Keep the compost moist and check regularly
  • As soon as you see the flower bud emerging bring the pots into a warm, light room and your bulbs should be flowering in time for Christmas
  • Keep the compost moist at all times but don’t over water

Hyacinths can also be grown in special hyacinth glasses which require no compost.

Fill the glass with water but make sure that the bottom of the bulb doesn’t touch the water. Keep the glass in a cold, dark place until the bud is about 2ins tall by which time the roots will have grown down into the water. At this stage the glass can be bought into a warm, light room. Keep the water topped up.