Plantpal Watering Globe – Review

DSCN1553I came across this product whilst looking for ideas to keep my house plants watered while away on holiday.

I have seen similar self-watering products in garden centres over the years and have actually tried the ornate glass versions but this promised unique technology which provides self-watering for up to a fortnight. It claims that water is only released from the globe when the soil becomes dry and therefore when the plant needs it most.

Here are the instructions on the box:

  1. Dip the capillary wick at the bottom of the cone in water for a few seconds until it is moist
  2. Fill the globe with water (add liquid plant food during the growing season)
  3. Screw the cone to the globe
  4. Create a hole in the soil using a dibber and insert the cone ensuring the wick is in contact with the soil. Water the soil to provide extra storage when going on holiday and keep out of direct sunlight

Image5Despite having read the instructions my first attempts at using this product were not too good with the water running out of the cone within an hour.

I assume I made a mistake so I tried again, this time I made sure that the capillary wick was very wet before inserting the cone into the soil and so far it seems to be doing the job well.

Image6The Watering Globe is available to buy direct from Plantpal’s website – – with prices starting at £5.99 per unit or £29.99 for 6 units. The products are also available at wholesale prices with an attractive point of sale display box for retailers to stock up at spring, summer and Christmas.