Plants in Our Garden – The Gardening Register Rose

For my birthday in 2008 I received a Name a Rose Gift Box which contained a number of rose seeds, a label and some instructions.

I sowed the seeds, following the instructions, and was very surprised that a number of them germinated. From those that did I managed to get two decent sized seedlings.

This photograph was taken in July 2009 when the plants were very small. I looked after them through the very cold winter and this summer I have two very good, healthy rose bushes, one with pink flowers, one with white.

In the Autumn I will prune them and re-pot them and hope for bigger specimens next year.

The final step in the gift process is to register the rose … so welcome to The Gardening Register. Whether I will ever be able to propagate more plants will remain to be seen but I’m very proud of the two I have managed to nurture of the past two years.


The photograph above is the property of Linda Peppin and must not be copied or used in any public work without her express permission.