Protect yourself whilst Gardening in the Sun

oldwomanWe are always hearing about how important it is to use suntan lotion while on holiday abroad or out in the park or on the beach here in the UK.

But did you know that just tinkering around the garden for an hour or so could result in serious sun damage?

Most damage occurs during the summer months and the elderly are more at risk, however, sun damage can be a real issue at any time or year; whatever your age.

So next time you head out to do a bit of weeding or pruning don’t forget …….

Apply sunscreen on all exposed areas and reapply after a couple of hours particularly if you are working in exposed areas

Cover your shoulders and arms as these are the areas most likely to burn

Wear a hat with a brim to shield your head and protect your eyes

Carry a bottle of water and drink regularly to avoid dehydration

Try to go back indoors every couple of hours to take a break

When it is particularly hot try to avoid gardening between midday and two o’clock.