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Rescued Hedgehog

On returning home today I found a hedgehog wondering around my drive. By this time of year most hedgehogs will be hiberating so I knew that something must be wrong with this little fellow.

I found a cardboard box and bought it indoors while I called Freshfield Animal Rescue. The lady there told me that for a hedgehog to hibernate it needs to weight at least 600g, any less than this and it will not make it through the winter. She gave me two choices, IĀ could take it over to the centre or I could keep it warm and fed and release it back into the garden in the Spring.

As animal rescue centres are so busy at this time of year I have decided to look after him/her myself. I have set him up in my conservatory with a warm box filled with straw and I have left out some cat food and plenty of water and hope that it will survive.

I will keep you all updated on his/her progress.

Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre has been helping animals in distress for over 25 years. There have been many difficult times to face over those years and there may be many more to come as life is never easy in an animal sanctuary but the one thing that remains constant is the steady stream of animals which arrive here in need of kindness and care. If you’d like to help with the running costs of Freshfield Animal Rescue Centre visit their website and make a donation now.