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Shed Delights

ImageShed350Create Visual Appeal in Your Garden

When people talk about enhancing their outside space, they usually mean by landscaping, setting up a rockery, sinking a pond or adding golden fish. All of these methods are successful because they can improve the look and feel of a garden by adding height, colour and texture.

Add Depth and Dimension with a Stylish Shed

Traditional British gardens can often lack visual appeal. The common rectangular lawn can be more of an eyesore than an extension of your home. Another way to give your garden a boost is to add something that is both stylish and practical. Surprisingly, a well-designed shed could be the best way to do this. Although not the most conventional method of garden improvement, it can make a delightful addition to any garden for a number of reasons.

A Tidy Garden is a Tidy Mind

It is more than likely that you have bought a whole host of gardening implements that now have no home. Mini rakes, a potting glove and a sign that says ‘I dig gardening’ are just a few of the many things that can litter the average garden. When you are left with a rather cluttered corner in your garden, the result can be unpleasant and prevent you from enjoying your outdoor space.

Sheds Don’t Have to be Boring

Sheds are the clear solution; however, they don’t need to be boring. Long gone are the days of shoving everything into a big cavernous shell of a wooden space. Now you can get shelving, racking, cupboards and just about anything else you might like to help you organise your space into useful storage. Brown wooden boxes are a thing of the past; there are many unusual shed designs to create a focal point in your garden.

Add Another Dimension

If your garden is very one dimensional, a carefully placed shed with a series of pot plants could create a countryside retreat in the corner of your garden. You could create your dream garden with natural wood trellising leant up against a chic shed with creeping pink flowers and luscious green leaves sprouting from every surface.

So problem area number two is lack of dimensions and sourcing of a vertical surface of some kind. Again it is obvious how a shed could help you here providing a new level to your garden and giving you potentially four walls available for painting any colour.

Sheds that Say Something About You

If your garden has no personality, it could be anyone’s garden; it should say something about you as an individual. For example, if you are girly and enjoy feminine flowers, a bright pink shed with a delicately flared roof top will all of a sudden give you a garden that is looking a lot more like you.

If you are now chomping at the bit wanting your own special shed with its own great storage, height and personality, you can get started by checking out the options at an online retailer such as Sheds and Things. And don’t rush into any decisions lightly, as your shed choice can affect a lot. Take pictures of potential contenders out into your garden and see how they sit with your home.