Sowing Sorbus Seeds

Last year I acquired some seeds from a Sorbus tree which had really bright red berries. I managed to get two good sized seedlings which I was planning to use as starter bonsai.

However, during the high winds a few weeks ago they were knocked over and damaged, one may survive but I’m not hopeful.

Last week I managed to get some white Sorbus berries so I’ll be starting again. Luckily Alys @AlysFowler from Gardeners World did exactly the same thing on TV last week so I’ll be following her advice. Here’s how to do it:

  • Soak the seeds for a couple of hours
  • Press through a sieve to separate the seed from the coating
  • Dry the seed on a plate
  • Sow onto the surface of compost and cover lightly
  • Place them somewhere where the temperature remains above freezing
  • Have patience, some may germinate as quickly as January but others may take months!

I’ll keep you informed on how they do.