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Spring Flowering Patio Display

Spalding Plant & Bulb Company have set a challenge to find the best Spring Flowering Bulb Display for the patio using just five types of flowering bulb. The display I have in mind would suit a large round patio tub or container at last 40cm deep and should be placed in full sun to enjoy during April and May. If you don’t have a round container the display would work in a square or oblong as long as you remember to plant the tallest bulbs at the back and the shortest at the front.

My colour scheme is Orange and Blue; a cheery combination to complement the yellows usually seen at this time of year. I hope you like it, if you do then it’s not too late to buy spring flowering bulbs; plant now for a stunning spring display.

My first bulb is Fritillaria Imperialis ‘Red Crown’ (Crown Imperial) which are a deep orange colour and reach about 90cm in height for a dramatic impact.Depending in the size of the pot, 3 or 5 should be placed together in centre of the pot as closely as possible but with enough room to grow freely.

My second choice is Tulipa ‘El Nino’ (Tulip) which is a tall variety, up to 75cm, in warm shades of orange, red and pink.These should be planted around and through the Crown Imperial bulbs to produce a surround ring of warmth.

My third choice is also a tulip; Tulipa ‘Prinses Irene’. It is half the height, 35cm, of the El Nino which will produce a lower layer of bright orange and red.

To add a contrast the next layer is Hyacinthus orientalis ‘Blue Jacket’ (Hyacinth).These will grow to a height of 20cm and add wonderful scent to the display.

To finish off the front or edge of the container should be planted with lots of Muscari armeniacum (Grape Hyacinth).Fill in any remaining gaps; at just 10-20cm high these should cover any remaining soil.

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