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Springwatch is back! Join the team for three weeks of live animal drama in glorious high definition!

Once again the Springwatch team will be celebrating the best of our wildlife bringing you news and action live from across the country. As in previous years you are invited to get involved as your input makes the Springwatch programme so much more special and rewarding.

For extra insight into some of Springwatch’s big stories and your chance to give your views take a look at the Springwatch blog. If you prefer you can stay up to date via RSS or ATOM feeds. If you are not familiar with RSS take a look at the ProBlogger guide.

If you love the UKs wildlife and in particular the wide varieties of birds which live in or visit the UK why not become a member of the RSPB and help them protect our wonderful birds.

RSPB membership is a wonderful way to enjoy nature and the great outdoors with free entry to over 100 beautiful nature reserves across the UK, a free quarterly magazine and free joining gift; the beautifully illustrated RSPB Handbook of Garden Wildlife. This fabulous book is full of information on our most familiar garden wildlife and offers practical advice on attracting wildlife to the garden.

In the last few years the Springwatch website has shown us indepth coverage from within the nest boxes dotted around the estate.

CameraNestBoxIn the meantime iff you want to get close to the birds which choose your garden to lay their eggs and roost why not consider your own camera nest box.

Garden Bird Supplies have an ingenious multi-species nest box is fitted with a high quality, video camera designed to give sharp images with its in-built infrared lights.

The box has a hinged lid giving easy access to the camera unit without disturbing the birds, and is convertible to different species: With copper hole protector on – blue tit, marsh tit, coal tit, wren, with hole protector off – great tit, sparrow and with panel removed – robin, wagtail, spotted flycatcher.