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Take the stress out of Garden mess

Watch this video for Jenny Powell’s top tips for summer garden happiness

Summer is well on its way. But is your garden prepared for the season ahead?

After a long cold winter many of us will have neglected our patio and decking and chances are it won’t be ready for those many barbeques and summer parties. So how do you turn a sorry state into a paradise which you won’t be embarrassed to invite your guests to?

Jenny Powell knows a thing or two about a tidy home and garden and can turn any neglected patch into a wonderland. With a bit of elbow grease and some creative ideas you too can have a garden to be proud of.

But if the idea of a few hours of sweeping leaves you in a cold sweat, panic not, there is an easier solution! Pressure washers easily blast off moss and dirt and take just seconds to turn your grimy garden into a glorious garden. Thankfully Kärcher provides the answer. Their Pressure Washer is the essential cleaning product for all of that dirty garden furniture and mucky paths and patios.

Once your garden is gleaming, pots, scented candles and new plants can help bring a new lease of life. So roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

In the following video, Jenny shares her top tips for a perfect plot.