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The Best Preparation for Spring Flowers and Planters

planters2With cold and grey February coming to an end, spring is most certainly on its way and that means one thing, it’s time to prepare the plants and flowers in your beautiful garden. Many plants and bulbs need planting for a period of time in the ground before they bloom, so it’s important to plan ahead for some plants to be able to flourish. Here’s a quick guide to the best ways to prepare for spring/summer flowers and planters:

Spring blooming plants

A lot of spring blooming flowers need a little time in the ground in the colder months as they’re dormant when you first get them. Often people choose to plant these in the autumn before the spring that they’d like them to blossom. It can be left a little later on but you do have to be careful as snow in winter and a lot of frost can be detrimental to their growth.

Optimum timing

It’s often advised to plant them around 6 weeks before it gets frosty for optimum growth. Planting a few bulbs now is perhaps a little late but your plants may flourish in late spring, meaning they’ll be just perfect in time for summer. This year daffodils have bloomed much earlier than usual with many appearing around the UK throughout February despite the cooler temperatures so you never know.

Summer bulbsplanters3

Summer bulbs need a much warmer climate than their spring counterparts. Usually, planting summer bulbs in the spring is the best way to ensure their success. You can start growing your summer bulbs earlier inside the home if you want them to come out a little earlier. If you’re planting outdoors, one of the main things which prevents summer bulbs from growing is the influx of summer weeds which also grow and will compete against your bulbs for the nutrients. To prevent this, growing your bulbs in planters is advised and they look a lot more aesthetically pleasing. At Cox and Cox, there’s an amazing variety of different shaped planters available.

Go colour crazy

In the summer it’s important to relish the beautiful coloured summer plants you can get. Often a variety of different bright colours looks really nice so be daring and throw lots of different coloured flowers together for a kaleidoscopic display. Remember that if this is the first time planting bulbs to take extra special care of them, after they’ve successfully bloomed one year they should return year on year brightening up your garden for years to come.