The Gardening Register Rose

The Gardening Register RoseHere is the first photograph of The Gardening Register Rose.

For my birthday last year I was bought a Name A Rose Gift Box. In the box is sachet of seeds which you plant as per the instructions. Once done you fill in the Rose Naming form and send it off then back comes a Personalised Certificate confirming the rose name.

I am the first to admit that I never thought the seeds would germinate never mind turn into a healthy plant; infact, in my case two healthy plants.

Each plant has been trying to flower for a number of weeks but I kept removing the buds to allow them to concentrate on producing roots. However, while I was away over the weekend one of them went ahead and flowered. I think it’s a lovely colour and I’ll be very proud to have it in my garden.

It is highly likely that the second plant will produce a different flower, either in colour or style but that’s part of the excitment.

If I can bring both plants to full maturity I will propagate them over the years to come and may even offer them for sale!

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