The GR Allotment: Update

20100504aThe Gardening Register has had it’s allotment for nearly a year now and we are finally making progress.

We were unable to do much during the winter months due to the bad weather then we struggled to find a vehicle large enough to deliver our supplies.

The first job this year was to have a few tonnes of aggregate delivered which my brother Allan spread across the area planned for the shed and greenhouse. We then had a couple of tonnes of sand delivered which was spread on top of the aggregate.

20100504bTo finish off this area we were lucky enough to have the help of Allan’s father-in-law to lay the slabs which look great.

Allan also managed to get three raised beds built and ready for planting so our potatoes went in a couple of weeks ago. We are growing Anya, a second early and Maris Piper a late and our Mum’s favourite potatoe, great for chips, roasting and mash.

Last weekend Allan and I started to erect the greenhouse; a much harder task than is sounds! We will finish the glazing next weekend.

We also planted out some Brussel Sprouts and Petit Pois Peas; our first splash of green on the plot.

20100504cA lot of the heavy, landscaping work is complete but we still need to erect the shed lay pathways. We are still to decide what our pathways will be made of as we’re not keen on having too much of the area covered in slabs. We may lay a good thick layer of bark on top of a weed suppressing membrane which will keep the weeds down but will look more natural.

The Pyracantha hedging is looking good and we think it will make a great background to the site. Pyracantha is an evergreen shrub with dark green leaves, spiny branches and bunches of small white flowers in late spring. These are followed by a profusion of yellow, orange or red berries in autumn. It can be grown as a free-standing shrub, against a wall or as a hedge.

Last update June 2009; more updates to follow.