The Great British Elm Experiment 1

The Conservation Foundation is undertaking a project to find out why some elm trees managed to survive Dutch elm disease.

It was fifty years ago that Dutch elm disease wiped out over 25 million elm trees in the UK but some trees appear to be resistant to the disease. These trees have been monitored and cutting taken, the resulting saplings are being planted in hundreds of schools across the UK.

Some of the saplings are also available, at a modest cost to others. Each small tree is accompanied by a certificate showing its parent tree and type and schools will also receive a poster with growing tips and project ideas.


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One thought on “The Great British Elm Experiment

  • Rachel @ See The Difference

    Hi Linda,

    Found your blog post on the Elm experiment via Twitter. If you haven’t already seen it you might be interested in the Conservation Foundation’s video about the experiment we have on the site Stephen Fry and Alastair Campbell also tweeted about bringing back the elm, so here’s to creating some momentum and seeing Elms all over the countryside again!

    See The Difference