Types of Plants – Half Hardy Perennials

Half Hardy Perennials are similar to hardy perennials in that they will also die down in autumn and grow again the following spring, however, they cannot withstand frost so they require to be protected over the winter or taken into a greenhouse.

Care: Plant Half Hardy Perennials in autumn or spring. The site should be well prepared and lots of well-rotted organic matter incorporated, remove all weeds and ensure the soil is well drained, water well before planting and a good layer of mulch.

Deadhead regularly to encourage flowering throughout the season but keep a few heads in place to produce seeds for the following year. Once flowering is over and the plant starts to die back cut back the dead growth to ground level to keep the site tidy and cover with horticultural fleece or a cloche to protect them over the winter. Alternatively dig up the plant, place in a pot and keep in a greenhouse until the risk of frost is passed.

Half Hardy Perennials in our Garden: Below is a selection of hardy perennials we have in our garden; click the image to Buy your Own:

Fancy Leaf Pelargonium

Fuchsia Dancing Flame

Penstemon heterophyllus Heavenly Blue Springs