Types of Plants – Trees

Trees are woody perennials usually with a clean main stem with branches above. Most trees are deciduous but there are some evergreens.Care: Choose your planting site with care. Consideration should be given to the final height and spread of the tree. Double Dig the site and soak the plant prior to planting. Add bone meal to the bottom of the hole. Plant to the same level as it was in the pot or to the soil mark on bare-rooted plants. Water thoroughly.

It’s a good idea to stake new trees which are taller than 2m while it’s getting properly rooted in. Use short stake, 100-120-cm, hammered in at an angle of 45 degrees. The top end of the stake should point in the direction of the prevailing wind. Use a tree tie to fix the trunk to the stake about 30cm from the ground – the buckle of the tie should rest against the stake, not the tree.

Trees in our Garden:

Below is a selection of trees we have in our garden; click the image to Buy your Own

Abies Koreana Large Blue Cone Korean Fir Tree

Acer palmatum dissectum Garnet*

Cercidiphyllum japonicum Katsura Tree