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Orchid - copyright Linda Peppin 2008I have just come across a new forum dedicated to Orchids, The UK Orchid Forum.

I have grown orchids for some time without much success. My Mum always seemed to manage to get them to reflower regularly and her’s always look great.

This year I moved mine out into my, north facing, conservatory and they must love the cool, bright conditions because they are thriving. Three have finished flowering and have produced between two and four new stems which should be in flower for Christmas. One, which I thought I’d killed off has produced new leaves and a new stem! I am very pleased.

Until recently I have only grown phalaenopsis orchids but I picked up a lovely Dendrobium Burana Green Orchid at the RHS Flower Show at Tatton. It flowered well for a while but now it’s leaves are turning yellow. I did a search on The UK Orchid Forum and it sounds as if it isn’t getting enough light and may be too cold. I’m going to keep it in the conservatory but nearer to a heat source and hope that it pulls through.

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