Urban gardening for kids – Denise Van Outen shows you how to make your children green fingered

DeniseVanOutenSpring has sprung and the weather is finally good enough to get outside in the garden. But even if you don’t have a large outdoor space, there are ways for everyone in the family to become green fingered.

Whether you use a window box, a pot or a flower bed getting the children involved means that not only will they be entertained, but they will also have something they own and can be proud of.

If you choose to grow fruit or vegetables they will also learn where food comes from. Start with something easy like tomatoes or herbs and if you would prefer to grow flowers, sunflowers are an easy option. Your children can also measure their growth, providing unlimited enjoyment throughout the summer months. Just make sure that you and your children water daily, and pinch some of the leaves to encourage new buds.

In the following video Denise Van Outen and some very green helpers show you how to get started along with tips for successful planting.


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If your child’s school is in need of a green makeover then check out the npower Climate Cops Green Fingers competition.  The competition gives urban city schools who teach 4-7 year olds the chance to win a ‘Greener Learning Space’ for their school worth £5,000, as well as a set of 6 gardening tool kits, aprons and watering cans to help pupils enjoy gardening.

Headteachers should visit www.npower.com/climatecops and follow the link to enter the competition.