Variegated Pink Centranthus

This week (September 2012) I received an email from Paul who said:

“I have come across a variegated pink Centranthus (Valerian) and I can’t find it listed in any of my large collection of books. Can you tell me if one exist or is it just a freak of nature”.

I did some research online and in my own large collection of books and I couldn’t find any mention of a varigated Centranthus so I went onto the RHS and Gardeners World Forums both of which were very helpful; here’s what they suggested and my progress to-date.

The first thing everyone asked for was photographs so Paul sent through these (click to see larger image):

One person suggested speaking to Bob Brown at Cotswold Garden Flowers who specialises in variegated plants. I’ve sent through the photographs and am waiting for a response.

Another suggestion was Bressingham Plants who have a guide on what to do if you think you have a new plant and Thompson & Morgan have a similar guide and even offer a £500 Reward for a new plant.

I have contact Paul to see how he want to proceed and I’ll update this post as things progress.