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World’s Best Selling Book on Fruit Just Got Fruitier!

NEW FRUIT EXPERT_FC300The New Fruit Expert introduces more than 70 new varieties.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Britain’s most popular advice book on growing fruit has been completely updated to include more than 70 new varieties of tree and soft fruits.

Dr D G Hessayon’s The Fruit Expert has sold more than 750,000 copies in the UK and overseas since it was first published in 1990.  With clear instructions, numerous diagrams and photographs throughout, it has outsold all competitors since publication.  The re-launched book, The New Fruit Expert, is a major update of the original edition.

The vast majority of the individual fruit sections in the revised book contain details of new exciting varieties with photographs.  New fruits such as the dragon fruit, goji berry and honey berry have been included in a section on exotic fruit, reflecting culinary changes over the past 25 years.  The book also includes new sections on pests and diseases and how to control them.

The New Fruit Expert is ideal for both beginners and people who want to grow more.  It takes all the mystery out of choosing, caring for and pruning fruit,” said Susanna Wadeson, the publishing director at Transworld Publishers who have been responsible for Expert books since 1993.

“This revision includes new varieties that are easier to care for, more disease-resistant and crop better and or longer.  It is also ideal for those with small modern gardens and balconies, with a new focus on container-grown fruit.”

The New Fruit Expert  is one of a series of 21 ‘Expert’ gardening books by Dr Hessayon that have sold a staggering 53 million copies since the first one was published in 1959.  The full colour, revised edition goes on sale in bookshops and garden centres on 9th April priced £8.99.

Expert books are the world’s best-selling gardening advice books and are sold in more than 30 countries across the world.