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We have Ground Elder!

Ground Elder is an invasive, perennial weed which spreads using underground stems or rhizomes. It dies down each winter and reappears in the spring and flowers with flat headed white flowers in early summer. Usually the leaves are dark green but they can also be variegated.

Insurance Warning for Gardeners

So when your household insurance is up for renewal why not search Comparethemarket to make sure your policy covers everything you have in your garden, shed and garage. It is also worth while checking that you are covered for trees or fences coming down.

Glossary of Gardening Terms

Many people are put off gardening because it sounds too complicated and technical. However a beautiful garden can easily be produced and maintained with the minimum of knowledge. To start you off below is a glossary of some of the most common terms.

Green Gardening

Give your garden a green makeup this summer; saving you money and cutting down on waste. Keeping your garden looking great can come at a cost, here are some ideas to keep your garden “green”

Butterflies in your Garden

A well designed and maintained garden is a joy but what make a garden complete is to have it full of bird song and the fluttering of butterflies.