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Do your bit to save our bees

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) is running lots of projects to raise money to fund research into honey bee health, and education programmes for beekeepers.

Butterflies in your Garden

A well designed and maintained garden is a joy but what make a garden complete is to have it full of bird song and the fluttering of butterflies.

Kate Humble appointed President of the RSPB

Television presenter Kate Humble has been appointed as President of the RSPB. We hope that Kate’s infectious enthusiasm for wildlife and wild places will inspire millions of people to get closer to nature.

Do you need to feed the birds?

I have always been a big believer in feeding the garden birds throughout the year. However, I stopped feeding a few months ago as the feeders were attracting vermin. Since then I have only provided saucers of water; they together with the Ivy and other bird loving plants still attract a good number of birds.

Hedgehog News

Good News. I have just been in touch with Freshfield Animal Rescue and my little hedgehog is doing fine. He will stay with them throughout the winter when I’ll collect him and release back into my garden. Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre has been helping animals in distress for over 25 years. There have been many difficult times to face over those years and there may be many more to come as life is never easy in an animal sanctuary but the one […]

Feeding Garden Birds

A beautiful, well maintained garden is a wonderful thing but what makes it special is the birds. You can attract birds to your garden throughout the year with very little effort.