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Our Garden

In June 2015 I moved house so I have begun a new post about the new garden and am closing down this post. Take a look at our new garden here.

We bought this house, when it was only half built, back in 1999 and typical of new houses the garden was a mound of top soil and builders rubble. We got the builders to level the soil but it was still full of bricks, pallet wrappers etc., quite a mess really.

We concentrated on getting the house sorted before thinking about the garden. At that time we didn’t know too much about gardening so we decided to employ a garden designer to make sure we got the garden we wanted. We knew we wanted a conservatory building at the back of the house so we instructed the garden designer to incorporate it into the design and we had it built before we began work on the garden.

Work began at the beginning of 2001 with the conservatory base being built before the landscaper came in to dig out the beds, lay the patios and level and prepare for the lawn.

We asked the landscaper to dig out the flower bed areas and fill them with new top soil and farmyard manure and we planted them up over the next couple of years.

Below is a copy of the design and photographs of progress from before the work began in 2000 until the beds were full and mature in 2007. Hope you enjoy this little bid of history.

The Design
Before Work Began – 2000
Under Construction – March 2001

March 2003
September 2003

August 2004
August 2005
November 2006

June 2007