Types of Plants – Hedges

Hedges are trees or shrubs which are planted close together to form a continuous row of foliage. They are usually cut to maintain a particular shape and height. Visit our Hedges page for more information.


  • Choose healthy plants either bare rooted or container grown
  • Clear the ground of all weeds
  • The addition of organic matter or fertilisers is not required unless the soil is particularly sandy
  • Water the plants well before planting
  • Plant at regular intervals in holes big enough not to constrict the roots
  • Water in well and apply a mulch to help retain moisture and keep down weeds
  • Some species benefit from being pruned immediately after planting, check the label for details
  • Shoots should be reduced to about 10cm
  • Most deciduous plants should be reduced to about one-third in the autumn after planting
  • Evergreens and informal hedges should not be cut-back until they are at least a year old.

Unfortunately we don’t have any hedges on our property. Here are some examples of plants which make great hedges.

Fagus sylvatica – Common Beech

Pyracantha Red Column – Firethorn

Taxus baccata    –    English Yew