Our Garden

Plants in our Garden

In June 2015 I moved house so I have begun a new post about the new garden and am closing down this post. Take a look at our new garden here. We moved into this house in 1999 and, being brand new, it had no garden at all. Over the years we have developed the garden and since 2011 we have featured the best plants in this photographic journal. Photographs are not updated every month but I’m sure you’ll get […]

Paeonia lactiflora ‘Coral Charm’

I have been catching up on Sunday’s coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show and loved the article on Peony Coral Charm. Apparently when the buds open the flowers are a deep pink then they turn coral and finally yellow which sounds absolutely fascinating. The first thing I did was to visit the Crocus.co.uk website to find out more only to find that it is currently on offer for under £12; my order has been placed. I’ll post some pictures as […]

New Additions to the Garden

When we moved in to this house in 1999 it was brand new and the builders had planted up a small flower bed in the front garden. The bed consisted of a tall, slim conifer and a prostrate conifer of some sort. The first plants to be planted in the bed by me were Dahlias which did really well for a number of years without me having to dig them up each year but after a few years they began […]