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Crafty Garden Ideas for Kids

Bring nature a little bit closer to home as well as keeping the kids entertained all year round with these fun and practical crafty garden ideas. Help feed the birds this winter As the temperature starts to cool down, why not make a recycled bottle bird feeder using plastic bottles you would normally throw away. All you’ll need is a used plastic bottle, pencils, scissors and some wire or string. Please note that this task will require adult supervision when it […]

Variegated Pink Centranthus

This week (September 2012) I received an email from Paul who said: “I have come across a variegated pink Centranthus (Valerian) and I can’t find it listed in any of my large collection of books. Can you tell me if one exist or is it just a freak of nature”. I did some research online and in my own large collection of books and I couldn’t find any mention of a varigated Centranthus so I went onto the RHS and Gardeners World Forums […]

New Product Review

I have completed my review of my new pressure washer Nilfisk C110 3-5 PCA X-tra. I am pleasantly surprised how compact and easy to use it is, it is very light to carry and manoeuvre and it cleaned really well. It also comes with extra accessories such as a patio cleaner and car washing brush. Click here to read the full review. For a chance to win your own Nilfisk C110 3-5 PCA X-tra click here to enter our competition.

Geoff Hamilton’s Easy Way to Clean your Gardening Tools

I was chatting to my brother about remembering the wonderful Geoff Hamilton showing us how he cleaned his gardening tools. Looking through his book “Gardeners’ World Practical Gardening Course” I found the article on page 29; here’s what to do: Fill a box or tub with sharp sand and pour in a bucketful of old engine oil Before putting your digging tools away, shove the blades into the sand and work them up and down a few times to clean […]

Spider Hatchlings

Look what I found in the conservatory this morning …. spider hatchlings. Trust they are just normal house spiders.

Time to Sow my Sweet Peas

My second choice is King Size Navy Blue. I’ve not grown it before but it has large, really dark blue flowers on long stems which I think sounds wonderful. It is supposed to be highly fragrant but if it isn’t I think the large, blue flowers will more than make up for that.

Hyacinths finally flowering!

I started my Hyacinths off in November; in a cool, dark place until they started to show through. Speaking to a lady at my garden centre she suggested waiting until the flower started showing through not just the leaves so this is what I did. I checked them on an off through November with no success and it was actually late December before anything started showing and early January before the flowers began to show at which time I bought […]