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Geoff Hamilton’s Easy Way to Clean your Gardening Tools

I was chatting to my brother about remembering the wonderful Geoff Hamilton showing us how he cleaned his gardening tools. Looking through his book “Gardeners’ World Practical Gardening Course” I found the article on page 29; here’s what to do: Fill a box or tub with sharp sand and pour […]

Spider Hatchlings

Look what I found in the conservatory this morning …. spider hatchlings. Trust they are just normal house spiders.

Time to Sow my Sweet Peas

My second choice is King Size Navy Blue. I’ve not grown it before but it has large, really dark blue flowers on long stems which I think sounds wonderful. It is supposed to be highly fragrant but if it isn’t I think the large, blue flowers will more than make up for that.

Hyacinths finally flowering!

I started my Hyacinths off in November; in a cool, dark place until they started to show through. Speaking to a lady at my garden centre she suggested waiting until the flower started showing through not just the leaves so this is what I did. I checked them on an […]

Time to order your Vegetable Seeds

Most of the varieties we’ve chosen have the RHS Award of Garden Merit so they should do well. They are all available from Thompson & Morgan, take a look and order your own seeds for the coming season.

Calamondine Plant

My Calamondine is in full bloom in the conservatory and the smell is quite amazing. Looks like I’m going to get a bumper crop so plenty of marmalade again later in the year.

Sowing Sorbus Seeds

Last year I acquired some seeds from a Sorbus tree which had really bright red berries. I managed to get two good sized seedlings which I was planning to use as¬†starter bonsai. However, during the high winds a few weeks ago they were knocked over and damaged, one may survive […]

Vanilla Orchid (Vanilla Planifolia)

This Orchid has thick, fleshy stems and small, greenish flowers which, once pollinated, produce the popular vanilla pods which can be dried and cured to produce the vanilla we know and love.

Rowan Tree

The Rowan or Sorbus sargentiana is a slow-growing tree with large, sticky red buds in autumn. In spring, dark green leaves are produced which turn a fiery orange and red in autumn. The white flowers are produced in early summer usually followed by red berries which are quickly eaten by birds.

Saffron Crocus Bulbs have arrived

My Saffron Crocus bulbs arrived from Suttons just before my holiday so I have only just planted them. I chose to plant them in three medium sized bulb bowls so that I can keep them close to the house and keep my eye on them.