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Links: Plant Nurseries

Garden Beauty, its all about plants! The Garden Beauty range of Hebes, Shrubs, Perennials, and Grass plants has been carefully selected to create a collection of new, rare and unusual plants as well as some old favourites – all available to buy online direct from the nursery. We also grow […]

The Pretty way to Compost your Kitchen Waste

Composting is a great way to recycle kitchen scraps that would normally be thrown away with the normal household waste. You can, of course, put your scraps in bowl or bag and transfer them to your compost heap or green bin but the prettier way is to use one of these Compost Crocks from Lakeland.

Garden Soil

Soil is a gardener’s most precious resource and if well looked after it will produce bigger crops and healthier plants that last longer.

Green Manure

Green manures are short-term crops that are specifically grown to be dug back into the soil, adding organic matter and nutrients.

Take the stress out of Garden mess

After a long cold winter many of us will have neglected our patio and decking and chances are it won’t be ready for those many barbeques and summer parties. So how do you turn a sorry state into a paradise which you won’t be embarrassed to invite your guests to?

Barbecue Safety

One of the main activities of the summer is barbecuing and there’s nothing better than sitting out in the sun with a cold drink and some delicious hot food! Barbecue food usually consists mainly of meat and often in large quantities. It is also often prepared by people who do not regularly cook such food and so are not always aware of the amount of time needed to ensure the meat is cooked safely.

The GR Allotment: Update

Allan also managed to get three raised beds built and ready for planting so our potatoes went in a couple of weeks ago. We are growing Anya, a second early and Maris Piper a late and our Mum’s favourite potatoe, great for chips, roasting and mash.