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Greenhouse Growing Hints and Tips

Greenhouse owners listen up. Finding out how to best grow your plants comes with experience but there are a few handy hints and tips that novices may not yet have picked up which will have your crops looking luscious in no time. Check out our tips below to help you turn over a new leaf and get to the bottom of your cultivation troubles. Temperature One of the most crucial things which helps your plants to grow is the temperature […]

Why Your Garden Could Be Letting Your House Down

Along with nightmare neighbours, high crime levels and bad Ofsted reports for surrounding schools, another factor than can drastically affect the value of your property is the condition of your garden. There are many subtle ways that your outside space can affect a sale; here are just a few of them… Physical Attributes According to a recent survey, keeping a tidy garden can add as much as 20% to a property, while other research suggests that failing to do so […]

Jobs to do in the Garden

A month by month, easy to follow, guide to the jobs you should be doing in your garden now. January In the Flower Garden: Plant bare-root roses, trees and shrubs Prune standard roses Take hardwood cuttings from shrubs Remove dead stems and leaves from perennials Tidy grasses In the Vegetable Garden: Fork over empty beds and mix in compost Plant fruit trees Prune Gooseberry bushes Warm up beds for early crops Tie raspberry and blackberry canes to support wires In […]

Health Effects of Gardening Explored in Uni’s Motion Capture Lab

The design of gardening tools and their effect on the physical health of gardeners were explored by Coventry University and the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) this week as part of a joint study the two organisations are carrying out. Professional and amateur gardeners of all ages visited the University’s state of the art motion capture lab on Wednesday, where experts in the School of Art and Design monitored them performing activities such as digging, pruning and mowing.. Coventry’s 12-camera motion […]

Clearing an Overgrown Garden

If you have just bought a home with an overgrown garden this article is for you. We are going to explain how to quickly and safely clear the overgrown area and prepare it to be transformed into your own little piece of paradise. Safety first The first thing we are going to talk about is safety. In an overgrown garden, you really have no idea of what is hidden in the weeds. It is never a good idea to wade […]

How to Get the Perfect Balance of Practicality and Kerb Appeal for Your Garden

Why do some people stress out how their front garden looks, but let their back garden grow wild? If you’re selling your property, one is as important as the other. And although a certain degree of kerb appeal is required to achieve the true value of your property, your garden landscaping doesn’t have to be the exact replica of your next-door neighbour’s. Be creative and incorporate a variety of things you love. There’s no better landscape designer than Mother Nature […]

The Pros and Cons of Using Softened Water in Garden Maintenance

So you are considering a softened water system or you have already installed one in your home. You might be asking yourself if this treated water, while great for reducing scaling in your water pipes or lessening your need for heavy detergents, is a safe and effective alternative for watering garden plants. The following information will help you determine a system that works best for your home and your happy, healthy garden. Some Benefits of Softened Water Hard water causes […]