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Forcing Chicory

Forced Chicory has quite a different flavour to the non-forced salad type leaves. The usual colour is white but you can also force the red varieties to serve as Radicchio for a less bitter flavour.

Grow your own Mushrooms

The first method of growing is in Suttons Windowsill Mushroom Kits which are amazingly easy and reliable. The kit comes with a base tray filled with pre-spawned substrate and a lid as well as easy-to-follow instructions. All you have to do is keep the substrate moist and out of direct sunlight and you should be picking your first crop in a few weeks followed by at least another two pickings.

The 12 Step Beginners Guide to Pruning

Not all shrubs require pruning but you may want to consider it in order to shape the plant, to encourage vigorous growth, flowering or fruit production or to remove dead, damaged or diseased material. Following pruning; feed and mulch to encourage strong, healthy growth.

How to Prune Wisteria

To ensure a good display of flowers Wisteria needs to be pruned twice a year. Make sure that your secateurs are sharp to avoid crushing or tearing the stems, which may lead to die-back.

Growing Onions and Garlic

Today I have finally planted out my Onions and Garlic. I have never grown onions or garlic before so it is a bit of an experiment for me. I will have to watch out for frost over the next few weeks but as long as I protect them they should be ok.

Autumn Pruning

Autumn is a very busy time of the year for gardeners. As┬áthe weather becomes colder and wetter and most plants in the garden will begin to lose their leaves and gradually become dormant; at this stage you can begin pruning. Pruning is carried out for a number of reasons: to […]

Growing and Caring for Fruit

The introduction of container grown fruit trees and shrubs and the availability of dwarf varieties of apple, pear and cherry has meant that every gardener can now successfully grow most fruits in their own back gardens. Not all fruit is easy to grow and careful consideration should be given to […]