Pests & Diseases

Battling with Bugs in your Garden

Our friends at Compost Direct have compiled another must-read article, this time it is about dealing with those pesky insects which can leave us gardeners extremely frustrated. Here are the top 10 most common pests in our gardens and greenhouses (according to the RHS):

Vegetable Pests and Diseases

Growing vegetables is never trouble free but if know what is wrong you have a better chance of eradicating it and, hopefully, save your affected vegetables. This is a comprehensive article giving lots of detail on how to deal with most garden pests and diseases which affect vegetables. Most vegetables are covered but if you need specific information about a particular crop drop me a line and I’ll add it to the article. You can read the whole article by […]

Pear Rust

This week at the allotment I noticed the Pear Tree had bright orange spots on the leaves. I had never seen anything like it before so I took a couple of affected leaves home and did some research. The best website by far for researching garden pests and plant diseases is The Royal Horticultural Society; you can always trust their advice. What I found out is that my Pear has European Pear Rust which is a fungal disease affecting Pears […]

Gooseberry Sawfly

If you love to grow gooseberrys you will know the frustration of the gooseberry sawfly whose larvae can strip the leaves of gooseberry bushes.