Garden Wildlife

How to Deter Squirrels in Your Garden and Protect the Birds

Are you feeding birds in your garden? It’s a great thing to do – birds are absolutely vital for our eco-system. They gobble up pests (meaning we don’t have to cover our lawns in harsh chemicals) and they even alert us when there are changes in our environment that need addressing. However, in a bid to help our feathered friends, many of us accidentally assist a group of invaders with bushy tails, little claws and sharp teeth: squirrels! Avid bird […]

Creating a Natural Wildlife-Friendly Garden Environment

Creating a garden that is a little more accessible to the local wildlife isn’t a difficult task but does take a little planning. One of the simplest ways to provide a safe and animal-friendly garden is to recreate a garden that emulates a natural wildlife habitat. Water attractions are vital A garden that has some form of water attraction such as small ponds that can be used as bird baths will be an attraction for the local wildlife. Ponds with […]

How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a reasonably sized outdoor space to call your own, then you may as well encourage local wildlife to share it. Creating a habitat for wildlife means endangered species and vulnerable animals will have a better chance of survival, so you can do your bit for the environment whilst enjoying observing the creatures and critters that your garden has attracted. Bird House and Feeder Having a feeder will attract local birds who are finding it […]

Springwatch 1

Springwatch is back! Join the team for three weeks of live animal drama in glorious high definition! Once again the Springwatch team will be celebrating the best of our wildlife bringing you news and action live from across the country. As in previous years you are invited to get involved as your input makes the Springwatch programme so much more special and rewarding. For extra insight into some of Springwatch’s big stories and your chance to give your views take […]