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Barbecue Safety

One of the main activities of the summer is barbecuing and there’s nothing better than sitting out in the sun with a cold drink and some delicious hot food! Barbecue food usually consists mainly of meat and often in large quantities. It is also often prepared by people who do not regularly cook such food and so are not always aware of the amount of time needed to ensure the meat is cooked safely.

Insurance Warning for Gardeners

So when your household insurance is up for renewal why not search Comparethemarket to make sure your policy covers everything you have in your garden, shed and garage. It is also worth while checking that you are covered for trees or fences coming down.

Glossary of Gardening Terms

Many people are put off gardening because it sounds too complicated and technical. However a beautiful garden can easily be produced and maintained with the minimum of knowledge. To start you off below is a glossary of some of the most common terms.

Gardeners World Scrapbook

Do you buy gardening magazines each month to find out what you should be doing and for advice from the experts? Do you tear out the articles to keep for the future? But do you then forget where you put them? This is what I tend to do but Gardeners World’s new feature allows you to save your favourite articles from the website so they are all in one place and easy accessible.

Bokashi Home Composting Update

I have had my Bokashi Home Composting system since mid March and today I got my first supply of liquid which I will mix with water and use as a fertiliseron the garden.

Warbreck Garden Centre Sold

I am a great lover of Warbreck Garden Centre in Lathom and was sorry to hear that it is being sold. Let’s hope that the new owners retain the character of the place.

Alan Titchmarsh backs campaign for one million ponds

The Million Ponds Project will start by making 5,000 ponds in the next four years. Ultimately the £3 million collaboration between Government agencies and conservation organisation wants to create half a million ponds outside of private gardens to return the country to pre-industrial levels of open freshwater sites.